Wednesday 8 June 2016

CCKW 353 - Workshop

No: 432

Registration: Not currently registered (as at 5 May 2021).
Date of Registration In The UK:  N/A.
Chassis: 353
Cab: Open
Type: Workshop
Chassis No:  ?
Year:  ?
Stencil: USA 43975
Fittings: -
Owner:  Blake Edwards  (as at 5 May 2021) - Previous owner Foster Graham.
Date of Photos: Jun 2016
Photos Taken By:  Foster Graham

Comment:   Truck advertised on MILWEB  in Jun 2016 with the following statement: "GMC 353 workshop is needing to be restored.  I bought this vehicle in Belgium. I have a NOVA reference for registering the vehicle in the UK. It runs and drives. £6,500 O.N.O"


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