Saturday, 21 May 2016

CCKW 353 - NSK376 - Cargo

No: 431

Registration: NSK376
Date of Registration In The UK:  No details shown up in DVLA search.
Chassis: 353
Cab: Closed
Type: Cargo
Chassis No:  353 171644
Year:  1942 (According to the DVLA V5)
Stencil: -
Fittings: -
Plates:  Engne and Gearbox rebuilt by Mercedes in 1950.
Owner:  David Wallis (Purchased in May 2016)
Date of Photos: May 2016
Photos Taken By:  David Wallis

Comment: Photos of the truck taken after just being purchased.  Vehicle stood outside for 20 years and had not moved in that time.  Although not shown, owner has the original WW2 canvas made by the Corbett Mfg Co.



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