Tuesday 1 September 2020

CCKW 353 - MXS281 - Cargo

No: 440

Registration: MXS281
Date of Registration In The UK:  Jan 2020 according to the DVLA.
Chassis: 353
Cab: Closed
Type: Cargo
Stencil:  USA 4216253
Chassis No: - 
Engine No: - 
Name:  - 
Year:  1942
Fittings: -
Photo by: Drew Palmer.
Date of Photo: 12 Oct 2020
Current Owner: Drew Palmer.

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  1. This is my truck, what I know about it, 1942, rebuilt by Americans in Germany in 1952, rebuild by the French in 1962, kept in a museum for most of its life after that. I got it in 2019 after it had been sat in a lorry depot here for a couple of years. It’s American rebuild plate in the cab has its correct hood number, not the ones it came with from the museum. It’s called ‘Eva May’ this is on the passenger door, I don’t know who gave it this name.