Thursday 21 August 2014

CCKW 352 - 330YUX - Cargo

No: 394

Registration: 330YUX
Previous Known Registration No: 
Type: CCKW 352
Cab: Closed
Type: Cargo

Stencil: USA 453749
Year: 1941
Fittings: Winch + Pioneer Rack
Event Photographed:  War & Peace Revival

Date Of Photo: Jul 2014
Current Owner:  Robert Clayden 
Comment: Truck now in the UK but was previously located in the Netherlands under Registration No: BE1740.  Truck with photos is on the EU CCKW Photo Blog as No: 0022.

Vehicle was advertised on Milweb 13 Jun 2013. "Very special 1941 early model closed cab 352 with winch. Ready to roll, no work needed. First model after CCKWX model so still has civilian dashboard, higher placed black-out, early hood. New canvas, good tyres. Drives and handles very good. Equipped with split axles, original cloth wiring loom, original data plates present! GBP£8400 or €9750. Vehicle location, The Netherlands.

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