Saturday 2 March 2013

CCKW 352 - VSV701 - Cargo

No 321

Registration: VSV701
Date First Registered In The UK:  9 Jul 1985

Type: CCKW 352  Closed Cab
Type: Cargo

Stencil:  USA 4230636
Fittings: Winch

Fittings: Wrecker Set
Photo By: Simon Sage


Date:  1994
Event:  Red Ball Express
Location:  Ramsbury Airfield ex 437th TCG Station 469
Vehicle Owned At The Time By:  Dave Stevens and Steve Roff of Marlborough
Photo By:   Seimon Pugh Jones - Viewed from 1944 Piper Cub.
Photo Provided By:  Neil Stevens
Comment By Neil Stevens:  From left to right -
First vehicle John Illot's wooden bodied 353 from Dorset.
Colin Ward XYJ571
Mick Henstridge - XYJ576 - I think
Ian Bell DSV 245
Then VSV701 last on right.

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