Thursday 27 December 2012

CCKW 353 - RSJ286 - Workshop

No: 297
Registration: RSJ286
Date First Registered In The UK: Not shown in DVLA database.
Type: CCKW 353  Closed Cab
Type: Workshop
Fittings: Pioneer Rack
Location: ?
Date: ?
History:  Was released from the Swiss army in the mid 1990s at this stage they were in fully maintained and preserved condition having spent almost all their life unused. It was into England in 1998.
Photo By: 'Routeman'
Comment (as provided by Brian Slingsby):  This vehicle has a workshop body on, but it is a Swiss army conversion.  They used this type of body after the war. You can tell by the curved roof and recessed rear wheel arches to get the body lower. Apparently they did this as they have a lot of low arched railway bridges that the trucks in standard workshop van body style wouldn’t get under!

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