Saturday 3 November 2012

CCKW 353 - FSU910 - Cargo

No: 254
Registration: FSU910
Date First Registered In The UK: May 1987
Type: CCKW 353 - Closed Cab
Type: Cargo

Stencil: USA 81381240-S
Year: 1942
Fitting: Winch
Date 10 Feb 2010
Location: Bromhills
Photo By: Colin Pickett
Note:  As Aug 2023 the vehicle is owned by Paul Harland.


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  1. Amazing to see this truck again. I bought it from a dealer in Waterloo, Belgium in 1987 and drove it home. It broke down in the customs shed at Felixstowe which was slightly embarrassing, but it was only the points closing up because the adjustment screw had stripped threads. Registered it the same year. Due to a change in circumstances I had to sell it in 1996. Just great to see it is still about.