Monday 3 September 2012

CCKW 353 - 426DEL - Cargo

No: 067

Registration:  426DEL
Date Of First Registration In The UK: 1 Jul 1991.
Type: CCKW 353
Cab:  Open Cab
Type: Cargo
Stencil: USA 4144032-S
Name: 'Allison'
Year: 1943
Photo Taken: Jul 2015
Comment:  Seen for sale on E-Bay in Jul 2015 with the following comment: "Here I have my 1943 GMC 353. She is now surplus to requirements. She is a lovable old girl and I will be sad to see her go." 

Date:  2011
Location:  War And Peace Show
Photo by:  Ken Clay

Date:  30 Apr 2011
Location:  Eastbourne Motor Show
Photo By: Kitty Baker

Stencil: USA 4144032-S
Year Photo Taken: ?
Photo by: Neil Stevens.

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