Tuesday 4 September 2012

CCKW 353 - 867YUE - Workshop

No: 071

Registration:  867YUE
Date First Registered In The UK:  1 Jul 2011
Type: CCKW 353  Open Cab
Type:  Workshop

Year:  1944 (according to DVLA)
Stencil: 4494250-S
Current Owner: Andy Griffiths  (as at Apr 2021)
Previous Owners:  Clive D Stevens and prior to him, Robert Clayden
Photo By:  Clive D Stevens
Date Photo Taken:  Jun 2013
Comment By Clive Stevens:  Robert Clayden researched the Chassis-Number and deduced that it had been re-fitted with a hard cab post war. He then sourced an excellent condition Open Cab and converted it back to how it would have been when it was built. He also sourced an original wartime fuel tank and replaced the incorrect one, which you can see in the first photo.

Photo By:  Clive D Stevens

Cab Type:  Closed
Stencil: 003611-S
Photo By: Robert Clayden

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