Sunday 2 September 2012

CCKW 353 - Clubmobile

No: 049

Registration: ?
Type: CCKW 353 Open Cab
Type: Clubmobile
Stencil: 4169405-S     (also seen as 4169205-S)
Comment:  Not originally a Clubmobile, but built to look and operate like one.
Stencil:  USA 4169205-S
Eveent:  War And Peace Show.
Date: Jul 2010
Photo by:  Alf van Beem
From GMC CCKW Photo Blog
Stencil:  USA 4169205-S
Location:  Damyns Hall - Military And Flying Machines Show.
Photo by:  Ken Clay

Photo by:  John Phillipson

Video by: moose1hx

Video by:  514thmick

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