Sunday 2 September 2012

CCKW 353 - MSV363 - Cargo

No: 053
Registration:  MSV363
Date First Registered In The UK: Sep 1987
Type: CCKW 353 Closed Cab
Type: Cargo Body
Year:  1941
Stencil:  USA 4494261
Name:  'Sticky Six'
Fittings:  Winch + Wrecker Set + Pioneer Rack
Note:  The vehicle features in the French book called 'GMC CCKW 352/353' by Emile Becker and Guy Dentzer.
Photo Location: ?
Photo Date: ?
Photo By:  Clive Stevens

Photo By:  Clive Stevens

Photo By:  Clive Stevens

Location: War And Peace Show
Date: Jul 2011
Photo by:  Ken Clay

Date:  23 Jul 2012
Location:  War And Peace Show
Photo By: Simon Thomson

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