Thursday 6 September 2012

CCKW 353 - WFX369 - Cargo

No: 88

Registration: WFX369
Date First Registered In The UK:  1 Apr 1983
Type: CCKW 353  Open Cab
Type: Cargo Body
Type: Wooden
Stencil: 4141046-S
Fitting: Pioneer Rack
Year:  DVLA say 1939  (but this either not accurate, or it has been re-cabbed)
Date of Photo: 21 Jun 2015
Location:  Lodmoor, Weymouth
Event: Veterans Parade.
Photo By: John Morris

Location:  RAF Ibsey
Date:  12 Jun 2012
Photo by:  John Ledbury

Date:  23 Sep 2012
Location:  Bovington
Photo By:  Chevpol

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