Monday 10 September 2012

CCKW 353 - YSV157 - Cargo

No: 113

Registration: YSV157
Date First Registered In The UK:  1 Feb 1987
Type:  CCKW 353
Type:  Open Cab
Type:  Cargo
Year:  1938  (according to the DVLA)
Stencil:  USA 411709-S
Fitting:  Winch + Pioneer Rack
Current Owner:  Mike Weale  
Purchased In: Jun 2013
Date Photos Taken: 18 Aug 2013.

Event:  Ramsey 1940 weekend.
Photos By:  Ian Garbutt
1.  Current owner was told that the truck appeared in the 'Full Metal Jacket film'.
2.  Vehicle has been in Dutch army service.
3.  Converted by current owner to 12 volt.


Comment:  Note post war addition of light to the right of the glove box.
Comment:  Half-doors.
Comment:  Note the original sound proofing still in place on the bulkhead, and the addition of a post war Dutch army battery isolator switch.

Comment: Note the Dutch data plates.


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