Friday 21 September 2012

CCKW 353 - AR1550 & BE6288 - Cargo

No: 166
Current Registration No: AR1550  (French ?) 
Previous Registration No: BE6288  (Foreign)
Not UK Registered
Chassis:  353
Cab Type: Open
Type: Cargo
Stencil: USA 416953-S
Fittings: Winch + Gun Ring
Date:  Jul 2013
Event:  War & Peace Revival
Photo By: Dave Ross

Interesting Features To Note: Indicators, Twin mirror arrangement and distance stick.
Date:  2012
Location:  War And Peace Show
Photos By: John Lilburne  


Date:  2011
Location:  War & Peace Show
Photos By: Craig Bagley  


Registration:  BE6288  (Foreign)
Date:  2010
Event: War & Peace Show
Location:  Hop Farm
Photos By: Alf van Beem

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